15 April, 2016

Dancin' to the boathouse rock

Last week on Saturday I was invited to a party on a boathouse moored along the Seine River just below the Tuileries garden in the centre of Paris. Although the weather outside was very wet, the party kept going under the marquee on the bridge outside and inside the boat itself.

Barbecued sausages for hot dogs, healthy quinoa and durum wheat salads, cheese and cake to eat.
Plenty of wine and cocktails to drink.
Even a live jazz trio for the music!

On that same night a colleague was also in a boathouse further upstream under Notre Dame Cathedral in a 1970s funky dress party!

So the next time you take a cruise along the Seine and pass by a barge, think twice: it might not contain just grain or sand.

Jailhouse rock
Elvis Presley, Jailhouse rock, RCA records