28 July, 2011

We were young and restless 2

We still need to unwind.

I am now also contributing to the blogs on the Young professionals' platform for agricultural research for development (YPARD).

This post reflects on the various definitions of a "young farmer" around the world. Read more here.

The first part was written last year here.

Summer of '69
Brian Adams, So far so good, A&M

19 July, 2011

Farmers of the world unite...

Strength in numbers we can get it right

Read more here.

Rythm nation
Janet Jackson, Rythm Nation 1814, A&M

06 July, 2011

Working again...

I have been allowed to blog about work once again, although not on this space.

I will be contributing this Summer to the blog series on youth, agriculture and ICTs hosted by YPARD and e-agriculture.

Check out my first blog on the lessons I have learned from facilitating an online discussion group.

Working again
Michael Stanley Band, Heartland, EMI Records