16 November, 2012

Lay off of my shoes!

One does not usually eat shoes, but I find they are just as desirable as food.

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Blue suede shoes
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04 November, 2012

Come on, dance and sing!

Yesterday was the first Friday of the month and like every first Friday of the month, there was a barbeque and karaoke night on the ILRI Nairobi campus, organized by the Housing, catering and conferencing team for the staff, their family and guests. Great food: hamburgers, chicken legs and mutton steaks, all grilled by the chefs upon request. I had the mutton with chips and fresh tomatoes and found they were delicious. The bar at the ILRI Enkare Club would serve you any drink you wanted at a very reasonable price.

And there was music with a DJ. Live music too: we were the ones doing it with the karaoke. After Asian karaoke in Bangkok, I had a great time with African karaoke. I must try to learn the tunes to local Swahili songs as the words are easy to follow because they are written in the Latin alphabet. The closest I could get to singing an African song was The lion sleeps tonight.

Colleagues were having a great time eating, drinking, singing, and dancing. People would just rise up from their chairs and start swaying their hips in time with the music. It seems they know how to party here. So I am really looking forward to the ILRI Christmas dinner in early December. We may all be committed to improving agricultural systems in which livestock are important at ILRI, but it is still important to relax and enjoy other things than work with colleagues.

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