10 July, 2010

I'm gonna chow down my vegetables

Summer has finally arrived in Paris and of course we are all complaining that it is too hot. Remember my fresh produce basket from early spring? Here's the summer version. Much more colourful, isn't it?

France has just enacted a new law requiring all fresh produce to be labelled with the origin of the produce along with the name and price/kg or piece. So that makes it easier to buy local. The only problem I have is that when I arrive bright and early around 9am to buy my produce from my friendly organic retailer Yannick Hamon on the Saturday market on Place Brancusi, he is still drinking his coffee after having set out the produce. None of the labels are out yet so I have to trust him on origin and price.

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  1. It's funny, I thought all country members of the E.U. already had the obligation to have those labels for fruit and vegetables. At least here in Portugal, it's been done for a while, though some of the tradicional markets don't follow the law...