15 January, 2013

Oh, bring us a figgy pudding

I have spent the holiday season with my parents in their country house in the middle of the pine forest in the Southwest of France.

It has been a relaxing holiday: a bit of running in the morning, cooking and eating twice a day, and lazing by the fireplace most of the rest of the time.

Christmas day lunch was particularly generous. My grand-aunt Odette had invited us to a very good restaurant and decided we should all have the Christmas lunch. It so happened that 25 December 2012 had been assigned to me as a day where I should document all my food intake so as to contribute to the French online survey on health and nutrition Nutri-Net Santé. I was therefore busy taking notes of all the food I was eating at the restaurant. You'll see from the photo on the side (click on it to increase the size and read the detail) that this was definitely not a normal meal.

My dinner on that day was very frugal to compensate. Now that I am going back to Nairobi, I have to come back to a healthier diet too.

Happy and delicious 2013 to all!

We wish you a merry Christmas
Traditional carol, John Williams and the Boston Pops, We wish you a merry Christmas, Philips
(no figgy pudding line in this version but an exuberant orchestra, most fitting to welcome the new year)