25 November, 2016

Horizon to horizon

I have just spent two weeks in Western Australia travelling up and down the Indian Ocean coast. I have been stunned speechless by the vastness of many things I have seen. An unpopulated vastness I think best conveyed by photos I took of the horizon.

 The ragged cliffs in Kalbarri National Park

 Eery termite mounds scattered on the flat moorland South of Exmouth

Empty highway, empty sky, empty bush between Carnavon and Northampton

Fields of barley around Northam

 Swanbourne beach in Perth

All this vast emptiness was then filled up by the four days I spent in Perth with my Uncle Tom, Aunty Betty, my cousin Darrell, his wife Jasmine, their two baby children and in-laws, including the large amounts of Chinese food eaten in the best oriental Perth restaurants.

Vapor trail
Rush, Vapor trails, Atlantic

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