28 May, 2012

Toute chose rit de plaisir

After several months of foul weather Spring has finally decided it should go into sunny mode this week.

Three consequences:

1) My fruit platter has finally diversified from winter apples and pears, and the odd orange or mandarin. At last I can eat local melon, strawberries and cherries!

2) One can sit comfortably on the terraces of cafés.
3) People will be dressing in a more colourful mode from now on.

I wonder if Roos Heikens has ever been to Paris in this season. She has perfectly captured the atmosphere in the drawing she did for me two weeks ago.

Revoici venir du printemps
Claude Le Jeune, Ensemble Jacques Feuillie, Arion

Colourful Paris drawing: Roos Heikens

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