27 December, 2011

Over the mountain, across the sea

Here I am back in Chile for the holidays with my parents, my brother and his wife. Chile is a very narrow country: sea and mountain are not far from one another.

On one day, my brother and I hiked up the Cerro Pochoco just behind Santiago. Warning: it is not as easy as advertised. The rock is very brittle and we ended up having to use all fours to move both up and down. After two hours of climbing we were rewarded with an early lunch of sandwiches at 1 805 m altitude with a beautiful view of the Central Andes.

On the next day, my father took us to the seaside at the miniature village of Quintay. Frigid waters made it impossible to swim without a wetsuit but we enjoyed a lunch of fresh seafood at a small seaside restaurant overlooking this breathtaking view of the Pacific.

Over the mountain, across the sea
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  1. mirabelleetcerise07 January, 2012 20:58

    Et si dans vos bagages vous nous rapportiez une photo de terre cuite maternelle ...