26 November, 2011

I will crumble I will crumble I will crumble

Last Sunday I hosted Brittany whom I had met and sung with in Bangkok. She stayed with me for a few days to visit Paris. Before coming she had browsed through my blog and asked whether I would cook for her the cauliflower soups I was blogging about. She also mentioned that she remembered my apple crumble from the time I baked one in Bangkok for a musical rehearsal.

I guess I went a bit silly because I decided she would get both her wishes, and more: the whole dinner was made of crumbles.

First, I served a cauliflower soup with bread and Parmigiano Reggiano crumbs on it. I must admit it did not look as good as the coloured cauliflower soups of the past few months but the biocoop only had the white variety last week.

Then came the entrée: cucumber yoghurt seasoned with the secret spices of Isabelle Pelissolo and crushed cereals on top. Refreshing.

The main dish was a beshamel sauce fennel crumble.

Usual salad and cheese to pass time and help finish the wine.

And finally, the long-awaited apple crumble, which I thaught Brittany how to bake.

We had a great time reminiscing our musical and food experiences from Bangkok while enjoying the food. The silliness was contagious: we both took photos of each course as they appeared on the table.

To know what Brittany thought of the crumble experience, read here.

I will crumble
Mike Vogel, Wuthering heights original soundtrack, MTV

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