05 November, 2010

And we'll have fun fun fun

I believe in the power of fun as a good catalyzer of efficient work. It actually stimulates some of us to work harder, in moderate dose of course. There is more and more management literature on how young professionals in particular, need to be stimulated by a fun working environment.

I have found a perfect illustration of this concept in the French agrifood industry. The whole website of the company Michel et Augustin looks like a big online game for children and the big children that some adults still are: animations, charades, puns, smileys, even opportunities to win a cow at each step! The whole company team looks young and friendly and the whole world is invited to visit them in their headquarters at the Banana plantation to milk a cow. (The French website is more developed than the English language one, unfortunately for non-French speakers.)

Of course, every thing has to be taken with a pinch of salt:
cow = pot or bottle of yoghurt produced by the company;
Banana plantation = office where there happens to be one banana tree;
to milk a cow = consume a pot or bottle of yoghurt.

Still, it all looks like the whole company is having a wonderful time and this can appeal to potential customers and business partners. But how true is this? I am tempted to investigate further as part of my work: has the fun concept become a mainstream food market segment in France? Perhaps an answer in a few months...

In the meantime, I have already milked a banana-and-guava flavoured cow and loved it ;-)
I expect to purchase a box of the little-squares-not-very-square very soon.

Fun, fun, fun
The Beach Boys, Sounds of summer: the very best of, Capitol Music

Photo: Matt Northam


  1. The little squares are delicious! Michel & Augustin add some ground chestnuts to the pastry for extra crip; and the nuts are a perfect fit with the chocolate coating. I know what I'm going to add to my pastry the next time I do a chocolate tart...

  2. The website gimmick is cool esp. for retail biz; as it's mirroring POS (Point-of-Sale) experience - being good magnet in drawing people to POS... Final thing therefore goes to the store team in fulfilling the expectations so as to create repeat purchase. From what you wrote, they seem to be doing a good job!!

    Eng ver website is SO less developed, facebook is also in French - feeling inferior that I don't know French ;_(

  3. Thanks Saovanee for the marketing expert's viewpoint.