08 October, 2010

This little piggy had roast beef

Vegetarians can skip this post.

My local butcher shop just changed its owner, so with the new owner came new suppliers, and with new suppliers came new meats. I am positively delighted: this new butcher supplies most of his meat from the Southwest of France where my family comes from. So I can now find the same kind of meat I was used to eating when I visited my grandparents or my grand-aunts.

The grain-fed chicken have such a strong yellow skin you know they have been eating lots of maize. The pork is butchered not far from my home town of Mont-de-Marsan. The veal and beef come from the green hills around Brive in the Périgord region.

The beef is particularly tasty. It is called "Boeuf de Coutancie". The butcher said the cows are raised during five years in the Périgord area of France. For the last three years of their lives, they live outside in the fields most of the time, eating grass complemented by grain. They also get a daily massage! How much more can one do for animal welfare? The meat was very tender: the pan-fried steak, simply seasoned with coarse-grain salt and pepper sprinkled on top, melted in my mouth.

Staying in a serviced appartment in Paris? Try it out: the butcher shop is at the corner of Rue du Château and Rue Raymond Losserand in the 14th District of Paris.

This little piggy
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