03 January, 2010

... Sing on sing on

I've started a blog!
In October 2008 I followed a course organized by FAO on knowledge sharing organized by Gauri Salokhe at FAO and with Nancy White as lead facilitator. That is where I found out that there were people out there who were genuinely interested in what I had to share about the food I prepare and eat, the music I do and listen to, and the stories I tell about my work and life. Throughout the course, at the end, and later on, Gauri kept encouraging me to start a blog. Done.

I've never been a fan of photos or phone calls. I prefer observing people, chatting with them in person or reading what they have to say. Then writing and crafting a story that interprets what I have observed and read. Perhaps the blog is the medium for me.

In this blog, I wish to tell stories about:
1) people who enjoy their working life with some connection to food, agriculture, fisheries, rural development, etc.;
2) people who take the time lovingly to prepare and share their food and drink with others;
3) people who share their love of music making and listening - this is another part of my life from which I get lots of satisfaction and new friends;
4) generally speaking, people who live to eat and enjoy life as it comes.

If music be the food of love... The title of my blog captures the main subject matters I will be musing about.

The title of all my posts will refer to lyrics of a song I like. My readers will get an idea of my musical tastes. At the bottom of each post, the reader will find some references to trace the song.

This blog is dedicated to my father Yves Cadilhon. He loves to eat. He's always held a particular affection for rural folk and those connected to them. He's always trying to tell us a story or sing us a song - we encourage the former but discourage the latter.

If music be the food of love.
Henry Purcell. Alfred Deller. Vanguard Classics


  1. Congratulations Joe!!! This is fantastic.. I never gave up hope and now I look forward to your posts. Welcome to the Bloggerville!

  2. Thanks Gauri for your enthusiastic feedback. I hope others will be just as thrilled.

  3. Dude, you ROCK! I just found this (via Twitter I think?)

    Tell me, where are you moving to?

  4. Hi Nancy. Honoured that you decided to follow me for a while.
    Watch this space for my next destination.
    Hint: it's got a very tall tower that glitters every evening on the hour.